We all knew it had to happen,
we’d been looking over our shoulders
waiting for it to catch up with us for a long time
and even though nobody knew exactly what it would be
we all knew it wouldn’t be long.

We were out of control and we knew it,
we knew it would take something big to stop us,
we’d tried profit and that just made some rich and others poor,
we tried warfare which just hurt people and killed children
and you can’t hurt people without hurting yourself
so that didn’t work, it was like poisoning our own hands.

Now it’s on us, maybe it will take man-made
medicines to cure man-made diseases but they
won’t touch the causes, so if this isn’t to turn into
just another quick fix we’ll need to start treating
each other with more than just vaccines.

DF. 7-2-2021 14

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