Lost and found

Lost and found
About 15 years ago
my life was beautiful and filled with hope,
then it became ugly and then uglier,
I don’t know why, I thought of reasons,
I thought of nothing but reasons, none of them kind,
but I didn’t really know why and even if I had
I doubt that it would have helped very much,
somewhere I knew that all I could do was sit it out.

It wasn’t all dark, I got glimpses of beauty through
the trees, in the birdsong and the howling of the foxes
and I thought that was it, that was how it would be
until I passed from this world but now something
has changed and beauty has become my companion again.

I still don’t know why I abandoned her all those years ago
and it doesn’t matter since have found her again,
now as we walk together I know that my life
is not in my hands and it never has been,
I just thought it was.

DF. 25-1-2021 1446

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