I passed a woman on my
early morning walk today
and as I did I said, ‘Morning’.
She looked up from her little dog
who was peeing against a tree and said,
‘Mornin’, then we went our separate ways,
she with her dog and me with my thoughts.

I walked on, over the railway bridge,
past the purple buddleia growing out of
the cracked pointing between the bricks,
I looked down the silver tracks then up to the sky,
it was beautiful, soft and gentle, gold and pink
under light clouds and so peaceful, so very peaceful,
just to walk in that light was healing.

I paused for a moment and felt sorry
that I had missed the opportunity to share
more with the woman and her dog.

As I made my way home
over the iron footbridge
further down the track
to my great good fortune
I met the woman with the dog again,
I wasn’t going to miss my chance
a second time so I nodded to the sky
and said, ‘Beautiful sky this morning’.
A broad smile spread across her face
and she said, ‘And a beautiful moon last night’.

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