All my life
I’ve lived with failure
and the feeling that I’m not enough,
I have spent hours and hours
with therapists who have told me
that it’s to do with my mother,
my childhood, my family
or growing up
in post war Britain
and I have agreed with them all.

But now I think that they
aren’t enough either,
all tooled up with viable theories
but talking about things
they don’t really understand
any better than I do.

I feel like a failure
because the world is broken and I am part of it,
because people will do anything for money,
because we’ll shoot first and ask questions later,
because we are clever and greedy and ugly,
because drugs are cheaper than education,
because the TV is full of mayhem and violence,
and we are treating this beautiful world
like a landfill site.

I feel like a failure
because I came here to help
and I am at a loss to know how to.

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