Don’t tell me,

don’t talk to me,

don’t stand in my way.

You think I don’t know

that even on a good day

I am morally ambiguous?

That’s because I need to see,

to find out for myself what is

and what is not.


Don’t ask me to

agree with your views,

believe in one thing,

behave in one way

or join your gang.

I can’t, I won’t,

it’s not for me.


I don’t believe that God

favours Clubs or Churches,

or Temples or Synagogues anyway,

or lives in signs or statues either.

I believe God is in the wild places

the difficult places, the places

where His Light is needed.


And the most difficult place I know

is my own heart, a heart that trembles

with fear and anticipation

in the face of what life brings.