2015-11-26 00.21.43


As usual I woke up

feeling sad this morning,

now I am in the garden,

it’s 5.30am, dark, windy and balmy,

and I have thirty delicious

minutes all to myself,

here in nature, here with God,

the only one who knows me

well enough to heal me.


But it’s not really a healing is it?

It’s just that in the sound of the wind

rushing through trees and in the stillness beneath it,

I remember, just for a few moments, who I am.


Not the wounded man, broken by life,

caught between the impossible and the implacable,

depressed and angry at the wrongs meted out to him

and waiting for the sweet release of death,

but a man for whom life and death are unimportant

because they are secondary to love.