I’m not afraid of the dark,
in fact for much of my life I have sought it out
because I knew that if I stayed there long enough
you would eventually come for me.

But now, in the darkness behind my eyes,
I have found a new path to your door,
which unlike mine is always open,
beyond the reach of time or tide,
the light inside it ever changing
but never moving.

DF. 14-2-2021 1460


Love holds all the things
we cannot bear until we are
ready to carry them ourselves
and when we do the love that has borne
them for us becomes part of our lives.

When I share my doubts and misgivings with you
it’s not because I want you to teach me, fix me
or quote me some wisdom you’ve read,
it’s because my doubts and misgivings
are His territory, the space in which He moves
and when I share my doubts with you
and you share yours with me

He can dance between us
as well as within us.

DF. 10-2-2021 1458


We all knew it had to happen,
we’d been looking over our shoulders
waiting for it to catch up with us for a long time
and even though nobody knew exactly what it would be
we all knew it wouldn’t be long.

We were out of control and we knew it,
we knew it would take something big to stop us,
we’d tried profit and that just made some rich and others poor,
we tried warfare which just hurt people and killed children
and you can’t hurt people without hurting yourself
so that didn’t work, it was like poisoning our own hands.

Now it’s on us, maybe it will take man-made
medicines to cure man-made diseases but they
won’t touch the causes, so if this isn’t to turn into
just another quick fix we’ll need to start treating
each other with more than just vaccines.

DF. 7-2-2021 14


Somewhere in the distance
I hear the howl of a motorcycle
weaving through the city streets
and immediately I am transported to the moors,
listening to the wind howling through the heather.

Will you dance for me?
Will you rise up and show me your beauty
so that I can see it and feel it and know it in myself?

People say that God is unfathomable
but its works are not and we are it’s finest work,
blessed with short memories and dull minds
to save us from seeing, save us from feeling
so we can bear what we have done,
but the wind and the trees,
they remember everything,
every detail.

Listen beloved ones,
it’s time you listened.

DF. 5-2-2021 1456


I live in a forest,
my senses are attuned to trees
but that doesn’t mean I don’t wonder at the sky
or at the sunlight that pierces through the leaves,
sometimes I even soar above the canopy
but for now this is where I live
this is what I come home to
and this is what I love.

DF. 5-2-2021 1456


There’s always a moment
when, for some reason I cannot fathom,
what was impossible becomes possible,
when a thousand tiny doors open,
space and light flood in and all my problems
dissolve into possibilities.

It happened this morning
as I was plodding round the park,
my feet keeping time with my pedestrian thoughts,
when a tiny speck of starlight took pity on me,
fell gently though the darkness into my mind,
enfolded everything, released me from the labyrinth
then lit the way to love’s sweet meadows.

DF. 3-2-2021 1455


Who can know
the heart of another,
the secret trials that we must bear;
the love that never sees the light of day
the piercing hurts and the hidden wounds,
all clanking and chafing together as we walk?

Only one truly knows,
one precious companion
who walks beside you as well as me
who knows me as intimately as He knows you
who loves you as much as He loves me
and when we speak from our hearts
He can hear you through me
and me through you.

DF. 3-2-2021 1454


You lifted me up like a
tiny bird with a broken wing,
I weighed nothing in your hands
and when you leaned forward to whisper
your healing words I could see
the pleasure in your eyes,
I could see that that I have never been
anything other than you would have me be.

DF. 3-2-2021 1453